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“Extraordinary care is the result of laser involvement and candid insight”

-Stephen Finzo, Psy.D.

About Stephen

Stephen holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has over 25 years of experience in the field of mental health both providing direct services and administration. His experience from having worked in many settings in the field has allowed him to compile theory and skills of application resulting in effective treatment of clients, and the ability of passing that knowledge to other therapists through workshops and seminars. He engages participants in the process of learning difficult and challenging information combining solid content and humor.
Stephen has taught with two universities in Behavioral Health departments. He has presented seminars and workshops for clinicians for the purposes of continuing education and building competencies and confidence. Workshops have also been provided for the Department of Family Services for both social workers and foster parents.

Stephen works as a licensed psychologist in Southwest Missouri where he resides with his wife.

Outcomes of working with Dr. Finzo include:




Extraordinary Perspective



Inspiring Leadership

Expert On

Mental Health




Life/Work Balance


Clinical Enhancement

Vicarious Trauma Provider Care

Psychopharmacology for Counselors

Client Engagement

Relationship Enhancement

Suicide-Self Harm

Foster Care and the Biological Child

From Ordinary to Extraordinary Care

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Managing Mental Illness

Documentation and Medical Necessity

Leadership vs Managing

Parkinsons and Mental Health

Needs and Change Model


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Emotional Intelligence

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“Into every life a little rain must fall.” It’s not the “little” rain that causes me so much trouble. If all the challenges were small then remaining strong would be manageable. So let’s talk about the rain that is more than a “little” and could be classified as a...

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Most people who know me, know that I love the game of chess. The game seems to be endless in its ability to challenge me. I have also discovered a great many life applications from the game. I began teaching chess in therapy to assist with impulse control, problem...

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Dating is Like a Hog Auction

Dating is Like a Hog Auction

A few years ago when I was teaching at a local university I made a friend who went by the name of Sarge. He was quite a presence in and out of the classroom through both his personality and care for others. He was particularly troubled by how people are judged and...

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